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Aakriti Dental Clinic charges the Consultation fee of Rs. 400/- for each patient

Popular Services
Cosmetic Dentistry
It is the technique used for smile makeovers wherein a beautiful, perfect smile can be designed in a very short span of time. Today, cosmetic dentistry is very popular from whitening and shaping to closing spaces and replacing teeth.
Tooth Whitening
We at ADC provide Plasma Arc Tooth Whitening System (USA) which is one of the best techniques for teeth whitening. It whitens the teeth by at least 6 to 8 shades and procedure takes just about an hour.
Dental Implant
Dental implants are fixtures of titanium which are surgically screwed into your jaw bone. The implant is an anchor for a naturally-appearing false tooth or a set of false teeth.
Root Canal Treatment
It is a technique for removing the infected tooth pulp from the center of tooth to avoid further infection. ADC performs the latest and considerably cheaper root canal procedures. Now we are doing painless single sitting R.C.T (Root Canal Treatment) with latest equipments and technology.
Laser Surgery
An exciting new form of dental technology is changing the way dentists and the patients used to view dentistry. You may be aware of the use of lasers in cosmetic dentistry, but laser dentistry is also enhancing many types of dental surgeries for the patients comfort and convenience.
Advanced Orthodontic Center
Advanced Orthodontics is where families go for top-quality orthodontics with excellent customer service. Dr. Ashish Khare and his team have the experience to provide a broad line of orthodontic services. Our advanced orthodontic treatment includes braces for children, teens, and adults.
Oral CDX certified brush Test
ADC is the oral CDX certified Brush Test Center in Lucknow. Even though the “BrushTest” is used in our mouth it has nothing to do with our teeth. The Oral CDX BrushTest is a virtually painless way for a dentist to test common oral spots that may appear in our mouth from time to time. /dd>

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Aakriti Dental Clinic
  • We Save Time: We believe in appointment based dentistry. The treatments are scheduled according to your convenience to prevent the wastage of time.
  • We emphasize on early detection of dental problems in order to prevent surgery and extensive treatment procedures.
  • We provide personalized reminders prior to appointment either by telephone or e-mail.
5-C, Singar Nagar, Alambagh, Kanpur Road, Lucknow.
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  • Dr. Ashish Kumar Khare

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