ORAL CDx Brush Test

ADC is the oral CDX certified Brush Test Center in Lucknow. Even though the “BrushTest” is used in our mouth it has nothing to do with our teeth. The Oral CDX BrushTest is a virtually painless way for a dentist to test common oral spots that may appear in our mouth from time to time. The special brush has tiny bristles that collect cells as the tool is applied and rotated on the oral spot. It can be used anywhere in the mouth.

Once the cells are been collected, the specimen is sent to the CDX Diagnostics. It’s the only lab in the world that can process the sample. World class pathologists using sophisticated computer technology and help doctors determine the cause of the common oral spots while making sure that the abnormality is not pre cancer or cancer. Oral CDX can also help the clinician decide if a scalpel biopsy is necessary to investigate the area further.

How it works:

Step 1: Small Red or White Spots are Observed

People get white or red spots in their mouths from time to time. The majority of spots are caused by everyday trauma such as cheek biting or pizza burns, but some of them contain unhealthy cells that if left alone could become a serious problem. If a spot is observed, and there is no clear cause, it needs to be tested by collecting and analyzing the cells.

Step 2:Brush test bristles sample the spot

The Brush Test is pressed against the spot collecting thousands of cells. This is necessary because doctor can’t simply look at a spot and know what made it to appear, or if it has the potential to cause you any harm. The specimens are then sent to the lab for analysis.

Step:3 Specimen analised by pathogists

Oral CDX Labs have a special process for analyzing each specimen that make it very accurate. Our imaging system acts like a spell check for cells that brings potential abnormal cells to the attention of our expert pathologists. Then, our pathologists analyze the specimens and issue the result.

Step 4:Brush test findind and the result

The report from Oral CDX gives the doctor information that helps them in determining the cause of the spot so that it can be treated. Just like with a pap smear, the expectation is that the result of the Brush Test will be “negative” for pre cancer or cancer. Even if unhealthy cells are found, the spot can typically be removed before it becomes harmful.

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